Hanna Rubaszewska on the advantages of the GDPR

Hanna Rubaszewska was once again a guest of the "Witaj Wielkopolsko!" [EN/ Good morning Greater Poland!] morning show, broadcasted on TVP 3 Poznań, in which, as part of a regular cycle on legal tips and advice, she had the opportunity to introduce the audience to the effects of the entry into force of the GDPR. The attorney explained what exactly the General Data Protection Regulation is and who has to comply with its provisions. Additionally, she discussed the concept of personal data and how a natural person may withdraw their consent to the processing of personal data. Our expert also raised the issue of pursuing claims in the event that the personal data of a natural person is used without their consent.

We invite you to watch the full program, which can be found HERE. The interview with Hanna Rubaszewska starts in the 39th minute of the video.